Gecko Amp Projects

Magnatone 109

Inspired by an old Magnatone 109 amplifier. Status: started, but no serious activity. Started tweaking the design and got bogged down.

Gecko #1

An 18-Watt-Lite build.

Gecko #2

Construction notes for a Doberman kit for the AX84 P1-eX amplifier.


A simple Parafeed amplifier made to see if a single-tube amplifier could work for guitar. Status: built.

Project Beta

Responses to a AX84 design challenge to create a simple two-tube beginers amplifier. Status: not built.

Talon Board Drill Guides

I started a Talon build but have made little progress. These are boards I designed for Ken's initial Schematic.

Miscellaneous Design Ideas

Others (hosted by permission)

Merritt Derr, Melissa

John E. P. Hynes, Gothik-Ring layout for AX84 P1

I added heater and ground details along with some color coding.

John E. P. Hynes, The "Gothik Ring" Layout Method

This is John's rationale and goals for the Gothik-Ring layout method. It includes both parts 1 & 2, published January 5, 2017; downloaded from on August 7, 2019.

J. Hoff, AX84 Blues Preamp Clip