70-Volt/100 Watt Line Transformer
(320-1034)                 Connections                Faxback Doc. # 33225

Follow these steps to connect the transformer.

1.  Connect hook-up wire from the transformer's 4-Ohm terminals to the
    amplifier's speaker output terminals.  Keep the transformer as close as
    possible to the amplifier, and use 16-gauge or larger wire for the best

2.  Connect hook-up wire from each individual speaker's 70-volt/10 watt
    transformer (Cat. No. 32-1031) to the transformer's 70-volt output.  Be
    sure to use the proper gauge wire, as listed below, for the length of
    wire and amount of power you plan to use.

    50 feet (15 meters) or less with 50 watts or less power - use 18 gauge

    50 feet (15 meters) or more or 100 watts or more power - use 16 gauge

    NOTE:  A lower gauge number means larger size wire.

3.  Connect hook-up wire from the 70-volt/10 watt transformers to the
    speakers. Be sure to use the correct wattage and impedance taps on each
    transformer (see the instructions that come with the 32-1031

CAUTIONS:  Do not exceed the amplifier's total output power capability.

           Do not let the 70-volt hookup wire's leads touch.  Doing so
           short-circuits the system and can damage the transformer or your

(SP/EB 5/21/96)

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